Environmentally Responsible

Sustainable and Environmentally Responsible

In addition to being mindful of what goes into our products, PARTNERS has a long-standing reputation as an environmentally friendly and socially responsible company.  The following are a few of the ways we live this out:

  • Our 150,000 square foot bakery and warehouse is a LEED Certified Building
  • EPA and PSE Green Power Programs - 100% of purchased energy from green power sources
  • Motion sensor LED lights throughout the building
  • Parking / charging for fuel efficient vehicles
  • Paper board cartons made from renewable managed forest products certified by the FSC or SFI
  • Boxes are purchased from a manufacturer who also uses 100% green power
  • Cardboard, paper-board, office paper, plastic film, BOPP, and plastic trays are recycled
  • Participation in the Waste Management battery and light bulb recycling plan
  • Office ink cartridges are returned to the manufacturer for recycling
  • Food waste is given to a chicken feed manufacturer
  • Short code product is donated to a local food bank